The Ankara Insider brings together a group of scholars, intellectuals and journalists from different backgrounds under a shared blog to post their insights and analyses on developing stories in Turkey and its surrounding regions with a critical perspective. It is a collective effort to understand, discuss and comment on domestic and international developments from the point of view of Ankara which is often omitted in Turkey-related pieces in the English language. The Ankara Insider tries to incorporate those often-omitted views with a deliberate aim to diversify Turkey-related discussions in English which has been dominated by hasty conclusions, partial views and ad hominem arguments. Our authors are well-trained Turkey experts with an on-site experience and extensive readings, watch Turkey inside the country as locals, follow Turkey-related discussions abroad closely, and offer genuine Turkish perspective on critical domestic and international issues.

The Ankara Insider publishes pieces on domestic politics, Turkish foreign policy, terrorism, military affairs and  conflict zones under three formats: “Comments” are quick responses to developing stories regarding Turkey; “Opinion” pieces are in-depth commentaries with strong argumentation, while “Analysis” aims to discuss an issue in a more detailed, sophisticated and scholarly way. The views expressed at the Ankara Insider are authors’ own, and we do not accept unsolicited contributions at this time.




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